WWP Talk Provides Benefits to Veterans

WWP Talk pic
WWP Talk pic
WWP Talk
Image: woundedwarriorproject.org

Apart from his work as an officer with the Bristol Police Department, Farmington, CT, native Bob Osborne is a committed community volunteer. Assisting a number of charitable groups, Bob Osborne of Farmington, CT, is proud to support the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP).

After returning from combat, veterans sometimes isolate themselves, according to WWP mental health director Ryan Kules. Earlier this year, the WWP rolled out a new telephone initiative aimed at helping veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder get the support they need. Dubbed WWP Talk, the program provides veterans and their loved ones a telephone lifeline to reach out for help from caring, listening friends.

WWP Talk provides several tangible benefits. Help is just a phone call away – the phone line gives veterans the opportunity to reach out for assistance without leaving their homes. The line is also a judgment-free area, which helps soldiers avoid the stigma that sometimes comes with mental health care.