Becoming a Police Officer

Becoming a Police Officer pic
Becoming a Police Officer pic
Becoming a Police Officer

A resident of Farmington, CT, Bob Osborne, has served as a police officer in nearby Bristol since 2002. In 2006, Bob Osborne of Farmington, CT, garnered recognition as Police Officer of the Year.

The journey to becoming a police officer is neither short nor simple. Before you even submit your application, you need to meet all state minimum standards, which typically include holding a high school diploma or GED as well as status as a United States citizens or permanent resident. If you meet these requirements, you are able to submit an application and questionnaire that may or may not qualify you to undertake a comprehensive entrance examination.

In most cases, an aspiring officer must complete a written examination that assesses skills in reading, writing, memory, and problem solving. The candidate must also demonstrate appropriate judgment and interpersonal abilities on a video-based examination that involves making a verbal response to a hypothetical scenario. A fitness test ensures that the candidate is physically capable of handling the job requirements, while psychological testing assesses emotional and mental stability.

Most candidates must also undergo a thorough background investigation, drug test, and interview with the hiring authority. Even after the candidate has cleared all of these initial steps, he or she must complete a rigorous academy and field training program. State-developed curriculum ensures that participants develop all required skills, while instructors watch carefully to verify that candidates have the mettle necessary for success on the job.