Cycle Out Cancer Fundraiser Hosted by Vie for the Kids

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Vie for the Kids

Bob Osborne has served as an officer with the police department of Bristol, CT, located just outside Farmington, since 2002. Prior to his current position, Bob Osborne completed an associate’s degree in criminal justice from Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT. He is a supporter of Vie for the Kids, an organization dedicated to funding clinical cancer research at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Throughout the year, Vie for the Kids hosts a number of fundraising events. One of these events is Cycle Out Cancer, the 2017 installment of which will take place in January.

A fundraiser based on the concept of a 24-hour relay, Cycle Out Cancer challenges participants to register for blocks of time throughout the day, during which they will take part in spin classes on a stationary bike. Each hour of the event is guided by a spin instructor, who leads cyclists through a workout.

Guest speakers attend the fundraiser, and prizes are awarded to attendees during the marathon. Organizers hope to fill 18 bikes during each hour-long time slot, for a total of more than 430 bikes. The proceeds raised through registration for the event are donated to the medical center.